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The Bowery Capital Fellowship Program is a comprehensive 10-week program designed for university students interested in revenue generation at high-growth software businesses.

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Our goal is to narrow the knowledge gap between education and industry by providing a functional fellowship experience which pairs high-achieving students with some of the most exciting growth companies in New York.

Bowery Capital
Opportunities for financial success in the startup ecosystem continue to grow... 

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Past Host Companies


"Ceros has partnered with Bowery's Fellowship Program for two years now and has offered full-time roles to each fellow. We've found that fellows have demonstrated a desire to learn that's unmatched & a work ethic that's easy to fall in love with.  We plan on partnering with Bowery's Fellowship Progam for our team's internship program for years to come!"

 Andrew Holman

Manager of Sales Development at Ceros 

"Our Fellow was an influential member of the team as we grew Hatch, our startup program at Digital Ocean. His eagerness, hustle and drive were infectious in the office!"

Hollie Haggans

Global Partnerships at Digital Ocean 


Past Fellows

"In 10 weeks, I was able to gain tangible operator experience from my host company, while also networking and learning from some of the most influential people in the industry."

Samantha Mueller
Class of 2018
Yash Gurditta
Class of 2019

"I didn’t know much about the revenue side of tech companies, but had a lot of interest, specifically in SaaS companies. I saw the fellowship as an opportunity to get industry knowledge and hands-on experience in the New York tech scene. It was an incredible decision that helped me land my first fulltime role and set a strong foundation that will yield dividends throughout my entire career."

"The Bowery Capital Fellowship is a life-changing stepping stone for anyone who thinks they want to work in sales. It gave me invaluable insights to the NYC tech scene and sales. Plus, I found an amazing company to work for!"

Eliza Loftus
Class of 2019

Our Fellows have come from...


Program Overview

Fellows must be rising seniors (expected graduation 2020) or recent graduates (graduated 2019)

Self-starter, determined, persistent

Interest in software sales and/or sales management

Prior sales experience is a plus but not required



  • Each Fellow is paired with one host company for 10 weeks

  • Fellows meet at a different host company office once a week to discuss the various elements of sales and business operations

  • Fellows are introduced to a mentor through the Bowery Capital network that is specifically chosen based on their ultimate career goals and interests

  • Fellows are invited to networking events throughout the summer hosted by Bowery Capital

Who Should Apply?

  • Applying Fellows should be recent graduates (Class of 2020) or rising seniors (Class of 2021)

  • Applicants should have a strong interest in the startup ecosystem and how sales, marketing and account management impact a company's success

  • Exceptional emotional intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit, and determination are key traits that we evaluate when choosing our Fellowship classes 


For Fellows

For Host Companies

How do you find the Fellows?

Our Fellowship pipeline comes from the broader Bowery Capital network, relationships with career centers at top universities and targeted outreach.

What does Bowery get out of this?

You'll notice that many of the host companies for the Fellowship are not Bowery portfolio companies - and that's for a reason! We have a strong desire to grow and cultivate the startup ecosystem and the opportunity to partner with some of the best companies in NYC is our ultimate goal.

Am I required to hire my Fellow at the end of the summer?

Host companies are not required to hire their Fellows at the end of the summer, though many do go on to make full-time offers (or part time offers to Fellows who are going back to school for their senior year).

What are my expectations as a
host company?

Host companies must have a 3+ rating on Glassdoor and commit to hosting either 1 morning session or 1 networking event over the summer. Our most successful host companies have some sort of onboarding or training program already in place, though this is not a mandatory requirement. 

How are Fellows paid?

Fellows are paid directly from their host company

How long is the program?

The program will run for 10 weeks from Monday, June 10 through Friday, Aug 16.

What is the interview process?

Once your application is approved, you will be contacted by a member of the Bowery Capital team to do a formal interview either in person or via video call. If you’re chosen as a finalist, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with some (but not all) host companies and will be paired accordingly after those interviews.

What kind of access will I have to Bowery Capital?

This is not an internship to work at Bowery Capital. That said, you’ll see a lot of our team over the summer! Alexandra Adamson is present at every weekly session, and we host multiple networking events over the course of the 10 weeks so you can get to know our team and learn about life in VC!

Is this a paid internship?

Fellows are paid directly through the host company, not Bowery Capital. Please apply below to speak directly with Alexandra Adamson about specifics around compensation.

Why can't I interview at all the Host companies?

Host companies have specific guidelines for Fellow requirements that are shared with the Bowery Capital team. Our team then matches Fellows with the best company based on Fellow preferences and Host company guidelines.

How long is the program?
What is the interview process?
What kind of access will I have to Bowery Capital?
What kind of access will I have to Bowery Capital?
Is this a paid internship?
How does Bowery Capital find the Fellows?
What does Bowery get out of this?
Am I required to hire my Fellow at the end of the summer?
What are my expectations as a
host company?
How are Fellows paid?
Why can't I interview at all of the Host companies?
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